Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon on Journey Parkway

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon on Journey Parkway
Posted on 01/13/2020
Hybrid BeaconOur amazing crossing guards are working hard to ensure student safety and we need your help!

Many drivers do not know what to do when encountering this beacon and are driving over the posted speed limit. The concept of the signal lights is to give pedestrians and our students a safe place to cross in high traffic areas as it forces vehicles to stop.


From Leander PD-How it works:

The signal light will be "dark" or no signal lights activated and drivers can continue through. When prompted by a pedestrian/crossing guard wanting to cross, the signal light will start flashing yellow-warning drivers to use caution. The signal light will go to a solid yellow letting drivers know that a red light is next so prepare to stop. Once the red light is on, it will be a steady red meaning all traffic has to stop and stay stopped. A short time later the red lights will begin to flash which tells drivers they can proceed AFTER they have first stopped and if their crosswalk is clear of pedestrians/crossing guards.


Please spread the word and help us keep our Aviators and Crossing Guards safe each day! Thank you for your support!