Akin Birthday Celebration Procedure

Akin Birthday Celebration Procedure
Posted on 10/18/2019
Birthday Cupcake

At Akin, we believe every child is special and enjoys celebrating his or her birthday.  Our administration met with a team of teachers and parents to get input about the best way to celebrate student birthdays.  Factors that were considered to create new campus guidelines included:
-Protecting instructional time
-Considering grade levels who have recess before/after lunch
-School cleanliness

Based on these considerations, we will celebrate a student's birthday by announcing their name on the morning Akin news.  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school, please feel free to bring cookies, cupcakes or donuts for all students in the class after 2:30pm.  Please make sure to notify your child's teacher in advance.  
Please do not bring cookie cakes, birthday cakes, goodie bags, drinks or party decorations, etc.  

You can also celebrate your child's birthday by:
-Visiting with your child at lunch and bringing their favorite meal (outside food cannot be shared with other students).
-Inviting students from class to a party held off campus (all students in class must be invited).
-Donate a book in your child's name to the library or his or her classroom.