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LISD Policy Governance

The Leander School District's Board of Trustees made an important governance change when it adopted the Policy Governance® model.

Policy Governance® is a Board leadership approach developed by John and Miriam Carver that emphasizes community values, well-educated students, systems accountability, and efficient use of administration and Board time.

Under policy governance the board sets forth clear expectations for student results and sets executive expectations under which the administration operates. The results policies and executive expectations are set within the parameters of the resources and the values of the community.

Four categories of Board policies create the structure, as described below:

Governance Process policies
These policies prescribe how the Board will operate and effectively work together.

Results policies
These policies prescribe the desired outcomes in terms of student achievement.

Board/Superintendent Relations policies
These policies define how the Board and Superintendent effectively work together, as well as how the Superintendent is evaluated by the Board.

Executive Expectations
These policies set boundaries within which the Superintendent must operate the school district.

Policies adopted by the Board clearly define expectations and accountability for the Superintendent. Policy Governance also provides a structure for the Board's systematic oversight of the district. It is noted that policies adopted by the Board under Policy Governance are in addition to Board Policies adopted to meet regulatory mandates established in Texas state and federal law.