Conflicts of Interest

Local Government Officer Conflict Disclosure Statements

This is the notice to the appropriate local governmental entity that the following local government officer has become aware of facts that require the officer to file this statement in accordance with Chapter 176, Local Government Code.

Local Government Officer Date
Alvarado, Olga Oct. 2016
Asha, Tiffany Jan. 2016
Asher, Wayne Nov. 2016
Bauserman, Cindy Oct. 2016
Bauserman, Cindy Oct. 2017
Bowman, David Aug. 2016
Brittain, Lisa Jan. 2016
Campos, Kris Apr. 2016
Disler, Jimmy Oct. 2017
Disler, Jimmy Sept. 2018
Fuston, Rhonda Jan. 2018
Garner, Joey Apr. 2016
Garner, Joey Oct. 2017
Grissom, Sarah Jun. 2016
Janda, Lucas Feb. 2018
Johnson, Paul Jan. 2016
McGary, Mary Oct. 2017
Nucci, Lisa Oct. 2016
Nucci, Lisa Jan. 2017
Nucci, Lisa Aug. 2016
Nucci, Lisa Aug. 2017
Nucci, Lisa Sept. 2017
Nucci, Lisa Nov. 2017
Nucci, Lisa Jan. 2018
Page, Priscilla Mar. 2016
Page, Priscilla  Oct. 2017
Paris, Linda Apr. 2016
Waggoner, Pam Feb. 2017
Wells, Jenny Jan. 2017
Wright, Gregory Jan. 2016